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I have many pieces of art and have taken different healing and empowerment journeys through several disciplines including painting, drawing, sculpture, music, acting, writing, film, theater, dance and producing other people’s visions. Please see the links under “CREATE” for more. This is my current media project. It is a film docudrama of collective music artists writing a new unifying pop culture anthem and also writing songs about the hidden systems of oppression, the dark and bloody history of, and the secrets currently holding back, America. I believe this is a project for anyone and everyone who cares about freedom and truth and I invite anyone who wants to collaborate to contact me. xo.

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Dearest Americans,

I wanted it to be a place where ALL men and women could make it.  The farmers. The hard working plumbers, electricians, factory workers, cooks, and service industry folks. You know, the people that make the stuff that keep it all running; electricity, clean water, food...etc. I wanted the intellectuals to continue to build majestic structures of clean, pure, strong thoughts that would continue to guide us into glory.  I wanted the justice system to be real. Fair. I wanted the women to have a chance to become who they are. I wanted children to be safe and free. I wanted us to educate our young so they may know how to not repeat history and how they should and could reinvent the world.  We came here for GREAT. For BETTER. I wanted them to have that. I wanted people to become rich because they wanted to, and they could...if they worked hard enough.  I wanted everyone to have the right to serve God without government or 'religious' rule getting in their way.  I put it on our money. IN GOD WE TRUST. I thought you might catch that. 

And you have done a great job, for an infant country.  But you are no longer an infant.  In fact, you have become the class leader. Every other student is looking at you.  My hope was that they would look TO you.  But the rest of the students are becoming frightened that you have forgotten who you are and what you stand for.  That you have let your own people down and in your race for power, and acquisition of it, have forgotten what made you so great to begin with:  EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

I believe it is time for a review lesson.  We must go back to the basics; to the dream of the men who started this country and the women who helped create it.  It is time to come back to our own integrity.  To remember what we are protecting so fiercely.  And lead by example, for the rest of the world...the world we left...not so long ago...because we knew we could do it...better. 

America is supposed to be BETTER. 

And the founding fathers didn't have it all right either. Racism was a founding principle here.  Slaves were actually insured by insurance companies - like property!  And..and...and...every other atrocity I could name here. But...BUT...Americans woke up.  They changed their ways.  And I am so very proud.  But you didn't finish the job.  You never owned up.  You must acknowledge this huge crack in our history.  You must be sure to finish what you started and make it right.  Otherwise, we are a broken people..and broken people can't lead the rest of the world into 'better'. 

Look...we weren't messing around when we started this thing.  We were dead serious.  We died for this. PEOPLE DIED FOR THIS.  DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.  Your FREEDOM and RIGHTS were EXTREMELY HARD WON.  

Please get it right.  PLEASE.  We are counting on you.  EVERYONE is counting on you.  

I love you. 




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