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I am an artist. A writer. A singer. An actress. A teacher. A woman. 

I noticed women were held to different rules, expectations and had to rail against certain limits. 

I fought. And fought hard. 

And I lost. 

Why? Because I don't believe women were made to fight. I believe we were made to love. Love everyone and anything that comes across our path. 

But the world is not set up that way. 

So...I explored my options. And I stumbled across a book about women who changed the world through telling the truth and loving without apology.  The book was called The Princessa.   While I do not necessarily subscribe to everything I read, I loved the idea of a strong archetype for women to love and live boldly, while remaining soft, demure, and dare I say feminine. I did not want to fight like a man. That did not suit me. But I knew I would have to fight.  Fight for what's right in a world gone wrong.

And so, I am here to report, it's gone pretty darn well.  The truth is apparently the most fierce thing on earth.  I have had to hold onto my integrity through the winds of very hurtful and confusing disappointments. I have had to let people go. I have had to outlive lies.  I have had to hold my head up high when no one knew who I was or what I stood for. 

And it's worked. Ya know why?  Love is all that matters and the truth has a way of winning...every time.  

So hold on.  Hold out.  The best is yet to come.  Seriously.  It's why Prinxessas rule the world.  


- Jennifer Appel