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N.Y.U. Tisch School of the Arts full Acting Scholarship

Desiree Parente
Fine & Performing Arts Award

Fine Art Gallery Shows
Hamptons, NY & N.Y.C.

Royal Shakespeare Co. & Film





Jennifer lost her mother young, and through a story of absurdly complicated family dynamics, would go on to lose the rest of her family too. While bright, creative and fun, she would have to learn the rigors of a determined life to win. That much grief usually kills a person.

But Jennifer didn’t die. Instead, she looked the searing pain right in the face and decided she would do whatever it took to live an authentic life.

She also understood the horrors that happen within the landscape of The Great Gatsby, where she grew up. Highly educated, an equestrian, and “groomed” by the best - she left all the grandeur behind and instead pursued a life of sincerity. It cost her everything. But she gained herself and a relationship with God that is worth more than any fortune could have ever provided. A fan of the finer things in life and the artistic serenity that Long Island’s North Shore offers, she has since returned to her childhood home, but this time as a person free from the rot of decadence and the tricky pull of elitism. This time she came for the bluejays, and the squirrels and the quiet romanticism of the old estates where artists painted and poets wrote. She understands how lucky she was then, but also understands she is far more blessed now. She can enjoy abundance without being ruled by it. She can indulge in prosperity without ever needing it. She is finally living a life without fear. She is free. And so now she helps others and makes art that she hopes shares her unique perspective with the world - one only delivered by Grace.

She still struggles and faces a life of challenges but she learned two things that no one can take away from her. She learned God is real and Grace will get you through. And she learned how to be herself and thrive, spiritually, financially and creatively, in a world that does everything it can to stop people from blossoming.

She learned how to ensure that love wins.

It’s hard. And there were many moments when she thought she might not make it, but she documented the road map out and she saw the victory of living a life focused towards everything she knew it was meant to be. She wants to help you experience that too, in every and any way she can. xo.



Merit Fellow, Magna Cum Laude
Education Grant Recipient

Harvard University
Differentiation & Diversity Studies

New York State Secondary Education & English Language Arts and Writing Revolution/Hochman

Masters & Post Graduate Studies and Ceritication