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Please click on the word MUSIC to hear my songs. I wrote these to process my grief, navigate through traumatic & shocking losses, and explore the landscape of love. Most of my music was written out of the pain of coming to terms with a life where the end is always written into the beginning. I no longer live in this landscape and I understand a much higher level of liberation and freedom now, but I am glad I made beauty out of my pain and that I honored the bittersweet sacrifice that is always required for true love. Nothing stays forever. However, love wins. I, now, focus on the latter truth. I also applaud myself for giving myself a voice instead of crumbling under the destruction. People can judge what looks like “darkness” or “chaos” in any art form, but it is usually the magnificent documentation of the artist trying not to die. And for that, I salut every artist out there who ever told their truth. You are warriors, every one of you. Not every artist is an entertainer, some are keepers of our soul, some have devoted their life to fighting for us. In a world that puts us to sleep through materialism, they spent every precious moment desperately trying to keep us awake. It is an honor to be called an artist, no matter what the more frightened members of society say. They always end of peeking at your bravery and the artists are always the ones to save their soul. Be proud my fellow artist. You do not live on the margins of society. You create it.

Please click on the word DUET to hear tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Please click on the word ACTING to read more about my film & theater career. I discovered it was safer to be myself playing a character. And that is why we buy tickets to go to a show…to see people being 100% free. How sad we need to ritualize and compartmentalize this privilege. What a wonderful world it would be if there was no price for admission and we were allowed to be our true selves all of the time.


And please contact me for more info on my ART. I also paint. This is oil on canvas with tissue paper collage. I painted this in my early teens while I was coping with a dying mother, a step mother who hated me and wished me dead and a father who thought the world of me but was too busy creating his new life to notice that mine was falling apart. I was a naturally kind child who liked to bring joy to others but my smile was often a “good girl” mask to cover the anguish inside. Art was always just a way out of the darkness. Beauty for ashes.