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Justice & Equality is not a black or white issue, It’s a green issue.

Having grown up in the music industry and on the North Shore (Gold Coast) of Long Island, I learned something very young; those with the most money had the most power. One of the ways this shows up is in litigation. The people that have the best contracts, investments, proceeds and profits, usually have the best lawyers. Part of what held me back in the entertainment industry was my fear of going up against the big “guns” and trying to advocate for myself, negotiate and deal with finances. This form of sexism and disempowerment was in my bones. It was visceral. I simply could not ask for what I was worth. I was willing. At times even desperately willing. But I was unable. So I spent a small fortune here and there and ended up in debt, with a bitter taste in my mouth about “selling” my art, services and time. And then I hid. For years.

But God is good, and through a series of “chance encounters” I was introduced to a company that started over 40 years ago, to help end this classist bias. They figured out how to secure the middle and lower classes access to some of the top law firms in their state through a membership program. They also quickly realized they could further balance the scales of justice by offering a direct sales percentage to each member if they were truly a satisfied customer and found themselves sharing this opportunity with loved ones and close associates anyway.

What soon took off was a company that would lead the legal industry in a completely new set of rules for client service. (Please see most recent Forbes article for more)

Talking about legal services may not at first seem sexy, but it sure gets hot quick when you, too, have a team of lawyers at your disposal who are dearly invested in protecting our rights. “Sexy” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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