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What we do together:

I can help set up your business and launch your dreams. I can also facilitate the academic and social success of young people. I do this through a well honed strategy based on executive functioning training and decades of personal development work that allows for the creation of a clear vision and a strategic doable plan to get the things done that need to happen to see your dreams come true.

How we do it:

In your work with me (in person, online or over the phone) you will come to know, honor and embrace your true authentic self, access your natural God-given power and set your path to Destiny on fire. You will use joy as your fuel and commitment to self care as you stamina. You will finally create and enjoy the one life you were given.

Why a special focus on empowering women?

I realized no matter how much anyone respected me or how highly they thought of me or how much they valued my talent or particular service or even just my character, spirit or personality, they would inevitably treat me differently than the men in my field. And by different, I mean less than. If it was a music producer, they would eventually be inappropriate and insist on their entitlement to act out on me or towards me, if it was an agent or lawyer, they would figure out how to use me to make money for themselves, if it was a female friend who was a finance icon, she would ask me the most important questions about her children’s future or well being, but turn to my older brother for business opportunities (even though I was the connection for his network of influential people!) etc... etc… Fellow male musicians assumed I was a groupie. Fellow teachers thought I had delusions of grandeur because I believed in enterpeneurship and legacy money. Other female friends were constantly asking to go into business with me and then quickly used me for resources and stole what they could. It was a lifelong class in deceit, betrayal and cheap charades. It was also a relentless onslaught of shaming. So… since I was determined not to die young like my mom, not to marry for money like my sisters, not become an alcoholic or addict like most people around me who were manically throwing caution to the wind as they hurled themselves towards perfectionism and were bound up by materialism, and was not interested in manipulating or using people for my own success, and certainly did not want to lie, even if they were “white” lies …I had to find a new way. These were the only options I was being presented with. Lie, cheat, steal, use others or work yourself to the bone for a meager wage. Sorry, baby, this is America. Um…no, that is not “America” actually. Not the one I read about, at least.

So, I went my own way. People, especially my well-to-do-white-as-ice-well-bread-catholic (while also secretly Jewish)-stuck-up-social climbing-come-upper- “family”, made fun of me on a regular basis for “dancing to the beat of my own drummer” but at least I had a drum. God only knows what they had.

It was lonely, and apparently would take about 45 years. But, I did it. I found out you need to legally protect yourself, financially empower yourself and choose kindness, gentleness and small moments - in order to have, enjoy and sustain real success. It’s not all about money, but money is a big part. It’s not all about nutrition, but how you eat is essential. It’s not all about sleep, but as Robin Posin says, rest is a sacred act. I found the secret formula by cobbling it together because I didn’t want to be at the mercy of the destructive forces around me, even if they wore argyle, perhaps especially if they wore argyle. (Beware of the whale belt and macrame wallets! Country Clubs host a whole different kind of gang mentality. They just kill other people through systems of oppression and exclusion…but I digress)

So, alone, broke and hated on…shamed, judged, misunderstood…lied to, lied about and left for dead…I made my own little empire on integrity, truth, kindness and inspiration…so how’d I do it?

I did it by this one act - I asked for help. And when all the earthly ways didn’t quite cut it, I reached out for God. And God came. So, I will share with you what has come to me as very hard won, but please keep in mind, it was also through a story of pure Grace. Unfortunately I was willful and a bit too strong when I was young so it took me longer to really listen to the perfect direction God was trying to give me the entire time. Hopefully you will not need the “gift of desperation'“ to really surrender and obey. But even if you do, I can promise you that God is real and hears you and will help you. For now, while you are here, I will share what I know can help you. And I hope I can add to God’s plan in your life to make a difference. But please remember you have a direct line. Ask your creator what you should do, with whom and when. Also watch as He shows you how. Welcome and let me know if I can be a support on your path to healing, on the path of truth, towards your life of real joy.