What we do together:

I help you figure out what you want to do, set up your business and launch your dreams. I also support you in making healthy choices for yourself and honoring your self care. I help you live a life without regrets. Please inquire about coaching.

How we do it:

In your work with me (in person, online or over the phone) you will come to know, honor and embrace your true authentic self, listen to her and carve out the most fulfilling path possible towards your financial & spiritual goals.

Why a special focus on empowering women?

Besides the obvious fact that I am one, it took me far too long to learn things the hard way and I’d like to lead women to empowered, safe, thriving lives much quicker than I found mine.

Along the way, I discovered you need to legally protect yourself, financially empower yourself and choose kindness, gentleness and small moments - in order to have, enjoy and sustain real success. It’s not all about money, but money is a big part. It’s not all about nutrition, but how you eat is essential. It’s not all about sleep, but as Robin Posin says, rest is a sacred act. It took me a lifetime to pick up all the pieces and figure out how they fit together, and I’d like to help as many women as I can live their best life.


Also, for anyone interested, the company I employ to help protect my small business, which is absolutely phenomenal, also has a business opportunity for people who want to earn money from home. For anyone just starting out as an entrepreneur, it is a wonderful way to support yourself as you build. It is also a great opportunity for people who know they no longer want to work in the 9-5 grind, but aren’t sure what to do. It’s a way to make a living while making a difference. Justice is not so much a black and white issue, as it is a green issue, and everyone deserves the best legal protection at an affordable price and in a dependable and respectful way. Please inquire for more info.